Raite Security Services and Consulting was established in 2007 as a company specializing in physical security and  security  Systems.

This places the company in unique position to be able to offer comprehensive services. It has regional offices within four provinces of South Africa. I.e. Limpopo , North west, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Gauteng Provinces .

We value ourselves in the manner in which we operate, Raite Security Services and Its structural departments make your work as a client be more meaningful and acceptance:-

Supervision, Screening Security officers, Personnel, Training, Operations and Offices


· Residential Security

· Business Shield

· Cash/Goods/Commodities in transit

· On call Security

· Surveillance

· One on One Security

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24/7 Security Service

Core Value

· The Business believes and adhere to the following values:

· Honesty, Reliability,  Treat all clients dignity and respect, Professional conduct, Quality Customer Services

· Comply with All the relevant security legislations e.g Firearm  Control Act 60 of 2000, PSIRA  Act etc.

Raite Security Services & Consulting